Monday, May 20, 2019

Jack Blanchard's Column - A Place In My Mind

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I didn't grow up around Country music,
but I chose it as a career because I like it,
because it fits my voice and writing style,
and because I’m too nervous to steal.

I grew up in a city and was exposed to very little Country music.
When I first heard Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, and Lefty Frizzell,
I was fascinated.
Maybe you were brought up on Country music,
but to me it was a whole new thing!
The imagery in the lyrics attracted me
because I’d never been to those places.
Distant places hold a magic.

Our family took Sunday drives through the countryside.
We loved it, and I even envied the folks who lived there,
even though I knew it wasn’t for me.
I can only take so much peace and quiet.
But I do have a country home.
It’s in my songs.

Home – a place in my mind with summertime snow…
Home – a place in my mind where wintertime flowers grow…
I can go home in the springtime and see the leaves turn gold,
Or just drop in and say hello to my folks,
In a place where they’ll never grow old

Home – a feeling of love that the family gives…
Home – a place in my mind where Grandpa and Grandma still live…
Dad’s gonna shake my hand,
I’ll get a kiss from Mom, I know.
Home – a place in my mind where I sometimes go.

Home – a place in my mind where dandelions blow…
Home – a tree I can climb and look at the world below…
I can sit out on the front porch in that squeaky swing,
Or just drop in to my yesterday house,
Where little sisters often sing.

Home – a place in my mind with a kitchen that’s warm…
Home – by the fireside glow, I’m lookin’ out at the storm…
And when this lonesome traveler’s feeling kinda low,

Home – is a place in my mind where I sometimes go.

Jack Blanchard.

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