Friday, May 11, 2018

Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....May 11, 2018 (Ashley Campbell to Release her Debut Album)

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Ashley Campbell's Debut 'The Lonely One' Takes Hard Choices In Confident Stride

  Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell is set to release her debut solo album The Lonely One May 11. The route to finally stepping out on her own terms almost couldn't have been more complicated, either personally or professionally. As the youngest daughter of the late Glen Campbell, who died in 2017 following a protracted battle with Alzheimer’s, the songwriter was put in a position that has bedeviled so many artists with famous parents: how do you honor a musical titan of the 20th century while creating art on your own terms?

Yet, The Lonely One feels absolutely unencumbered by that weight. While the lyrics meditate on triumphs, screw-ups and living with the consequences, the music is giddy with freedom, the equivalent of moving into your own place and realizing you can throw your own jeans on your own floor if you please. But with that freedom comes paying the tab: pick almost any song, and Campbell’s telling you about how self-ownership can feel commensurately sweet and sour.

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