Saturday, March 10, 2018

Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....March 10, 2018 ( Luke Bryan - What Makes You Country)

What Makes Luke Bryan Really Country

Pigs, Farm Trucks and a Full-Time Bass Guy

Great question, Seth Meyers. When he had Luke Bryan on his show Late Night with Seth Meyers this week, he asked Bryan about his song “What Makes You Country.” Meyers wanted to know, besides the list in the song, what else about his life earned him his dirt road cred.
“We have multiple pigs on the farm,” Bryan said. “That’s quite important.”
“I have a farm truck that’s used just for the farm,” he added to the list. “It doesn’t even have a license plate, so you’re not allowed to drive it on pavement.”
Then came the countriest of cred. The avid fisherman wanted to make sure that his lake was always good for fishing. So he found someone who could make that happen.
“I have hired a full-time bass fishing guy. I have this bass lake, and his job is to grow the bass to the biggest bass in the world.
“He hand feeds them, he gives them massages,” he joked. “Then they’re so portly they don’t swim well.”
But Bryan was quick to point out that he was not growing the bass for sushi. They always release the fish they catch. Sometimes, though, his sons don’t always do it right away.
“My boys will run up to the back porch, and they’re like ‘Dad, I caught this.’ And I’m like, ‘Son, get back to the pond and get the fish back in the lake. Their eyes are drying out,'” he said.
Bryan wrote “What Makes You Country,” the title track off his latest album, with Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley.

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