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Jake Owen, Three Minutes at a Time
How He Sees Music Releases Now

Remember albums? When you’d buy a collection of songs from an artist you loved and drop everything to listen to it for an hour?
Well, that’s not really a thing anymore to Jake Owen.
He knows that his fans might have a lot going on, and might not have an hour to devote to living with new music. So he told All Access that he is going to try to give them his best on a song-by-song basis.
“It’s how the world works; when people are hungry, feed them. They’re gonna come back for more, but you can’t keep them hungry for too long, right? Because, they’ll go somewhere else and feed,” Owen said. “My idea with them, combined, is to give someone great music and supplement it with one or two other songs that are great, so they can digest that for a little bit. And, when they’re ready for new stuff, give them new stuff again.”
People are consuming music differently now than ten years ago, he said, so he’s taking that into consideration and evolving with the listeners.
“I’m all for albums; I love albums. I think people that truly understand a great album and make a great album are very admirable, but I also feel like right now it’s a world where people are picking what they want, and if you can give them individual, quality tunes, why not? People don’t have the time and focus these days to hone in on something for an hour,” he said, “so I’m hitting people three minutes at a time.”
As for Owen’s upcoming tour, he says he named it Life’s Whatcha Make It because that’s how he chooses to live his own life.
“To me, whether it’s your business or your life in general as a whole, you have this moment of time here, what are you going to do with it? Are you gonna have fun, are you gonna go to shows and be with your friends and create memories, or are you gonna wish you did down the road?
“I want to be the guy that did it,” Owen said.

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