Thursday, January 4, 2018

Breaking News: Crypto-Mining Malware Goes Global Through Messenger

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With crypto-currency at an all-time high, everyone and their grandmother seems to have found a way to get their hands on it.  Which is exactly why hackers are now creating malware which will mine for the digital currency.  The new malware, deemed Digmine is spreading through Facebook Messenger.  The first infection was reported in South Korea, with it quickly being spread throughout the globe.

Digmine is spread through a video zip file that is sent from one of the users Facebook contacts.  After clicking on the video, the malware goes to work stealing your digital currencies.  If the “always logged in” option is used, the malware will then send the same malicious video to your Facebook contacts.

Image from TechSpot

Although, there is a silver lining.  The Digmine malware does not work on any other browsers other than Chrome.  Also, users cannot get infected by using the Facebook Messenger app on their mobile device.

To avoid falling victim to attacks such as these, be cautious of the links you’re clicking on.  Also, be sure your system and software programs are updated to protect against the latest threats.

  If users are running PC Matic, SuperShield will block any malicious executables from running due to the application whitelist technology.

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