Friday, November 17, 2017

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We at  want to say
"Thank You!" for YOUR Feedback
YOU asked for "More Country Music"
Check out the "Top Cross Bars"
There are Hours & Hours of Country Music
YOU said "Country is Food & Drink"
Check out - Tasty Tuesday - Thirsty Thursday - Frying Friday
There is always an easy recipe you can whip up
You said "Country is Christian"
Check out - Daily Inspiration - Sunday's Chapel Service
You asked for "Country Music News"
Check out - Country in the News
You asked for "Different things once in awhile"
Check out - Retro on Saturdays

Don't worry "Country Music History" is still here!


Yes! We have changed alot!
We owe it all to YOUR Feedback!
We here at
will continue to try & "Keep up with YOU!"

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