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Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....October 25, 2017 (Band Perry - Best 10 Songs)

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The Band Perry's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

  The Band Perry

Going back to the earliest days of country music -- family acts have always played a distinct role in the shaping of the country music format. And many of those great acts from the early days of country music peppered their song lyrics with a sense of emotion that evoked the Appalachia hills from which they were raised -- being able to mix everlasting love with tragedy and loss in a way that is seamless.
Though the arrangements in many of The Band Perry's hit songs are very much cutting-edge and contemporary, there’s no doubt that the musical offerings by them are direct in line lyrically with the Carters, the Louvin Brothers or even some of the early works from Dolly Parton. During their run on the country charts, the trio recorded some unforgettable moments that will be of influence to many for years to come. It will be interesting to see what comes next for the family trio, who are now focusing their attention and talents on the pop world. But, right now, let’s look back on the country run they have had, and take a look at 10 of the best Band Perry song moments thus far!
10. The Band Perry - "Chainsaw"
Nothing lasts forever, especially if there’s a break-up in the mix. On what is their most recent top 10 hit, Kimberly sounds especially defiant on the song about a woman intent on destroying any remnants of her just-ended relationship, even if it’s the tree that has her initials joined with those of her former lover. The song was written by Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally and Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey. 
9. The Band Perry - "DONE."
The fourth No. 1 Band Perry song was this fiery number from 2013 where the singer informs her ex that they are firmly entrenched in the past. Brothers Neil and Reid Perry wrote the song with John Davidson and Jacob Bryant. The sassy cut hit No. 1 in August 2013, and was the second single from Pioneer
8. The Band Perry - "All Your Life"
This number one song was written by Brian and Clara Henningsen – from the equally talented family trio The Henningsens, and topped the chart in the winter of 2012. Kimberly’s vocal on this earnest love song was tender and full of hope -- and made an impact with anyone who heard the lyrics. 
7. The Band Perry - "Don’t Let Me Be Lonely"
This 2013 Band Perry song gave Kimberly a chance to show her vulnerable side as she never had before. With its unique tempo changes in the song, it stands as one of their more adventurous moments. 
6. The Band Perry - "You Lie"
Another hit song written by The Henningsens, this song -- which followed up the success of “If I Die Young” -- was actually the first time the group turned to the family trio for a record that became a single. Kimberly handled the attitude needed in the kiss-off song beautifully, making the track a three-minute declaration of independence. 
5. The Band Perry - "Gentle On My Mind"
Covering a classic can be somewhat of an arduous task, but The Band Perry added a bit of playful spunk on this 2014 cut from I’ll Be Me -- the soundtrack of the moving documentary that chronicled Glen Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Grammy voters must have thought the trio handled the song effectively, as well. The song earned them a trophy in the Best Country Duo / Group category in 2015.
4. The Band Perry - "Hip To My Heart"
Even on their first single from 2009, it was apparent that this trio was a little different. That was reflected in this Band Perry song performance that became a little more infectious with each and every listen -- taking them all the way to the top 20 on the country charts for their first time out. 
3. The Band Perry - "Better Dig Two"
Turning once again to the dependable pen of McAnally -- along with Brandy Clark and Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen -- this song was very much gothic in its lyrical approach to a song about everlasting love. The trio -- hailing from Greeneville in East Tennessee -- have always had a knack for taking a simple lyric and wringing an emotion that turns out to be blended with a little bit of tragic flair. 
2. The Band Perry - "Postcard From Paris"
Love songs get released all the time, that’s a fact. However, occasionally, there’s a novel way to share someone’s emotional attachment to their lover, and this song hit listeners directly between the eyes. This was the final Band Perry song to be released from their self-titled debut album. 
1. The Band Perry - "If I Die Young"

In compiling lists such as this, one question that always comes up concerns the artist’s biggest hit. It might be too easy to put tracks like that at the top of the list, but this haunting performance was almost a modern-day folk ballad (albeit with a contemporary feel). But, think about it -- couldn’t you imagine Peter, Paul & Mary recording this one to perfection in the late 1960s? The track hit the top of the country and adult contemporary charts, also hitting a peak of No. 14 on the Hot 100 -- their career best. The song also earned Single and Song of the Year honors from the Country Music Association in 2011, making a big night for Kimberly, who wrote the song.

We here at pick - "Better Dig Two"

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