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Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....October 3, 2017 (Jon Pardi - 10 Best Songs)

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Jon Pardi's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

  Jon Pardi performs during the 'What The Hell' world tour at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Aug. 20, 2017 in Mountain View, Calif

One of the most-respected artists from the new generation of Country performers is Jon Pardi. The singer strikes a nice balance of a traditional mindset balanced with a modern Rock & Roll attitude. His place in the format’s future was affirmed recently when he received three nominations for the upcoming Country Music Association Awards - including New Artist of the Year.
However, Pardi has been at it for quite some time, working on his craft and refining it a bit until the release of his latest album California Sunrise effectively put his career in the fast lane. We think he’s going to stay there for a while. Here are ten Jon Pardi song moments that have entertained us so far in his rising career!
10. Jon Pardi – “Heartache On The Dance Floor”
The most recent hit for the Capitol Nashville recording artist has a decidedly dreamy feel to it, or at least that’s what video director Carlos Ruiz thought when he came up with the concept for the promotional video for this single from California Sunrise about a man who dreams of a romantic rendezvous with a beautiful woman.
9. Jon Pardi – “That Man”
Pardi teamed up with veteran tunesmith Casey Beathard to pen this romantic track from Write You A Song. In the lyrics to this underrated Jon Pardi song, the singer is pleading with a longtime friend for a little something more - and emotion we’ve all likely felt at one point or another for someone.
8. Jon Pardi – “Can’t Turn You Down”
Pardi turned down the tempo - and the emotion up - on this track from California Sunrise about a man who knows he’s better off walking away from an old lover and resisting her - yet he knows that’s pretty much impossible. This song could possibly be a single at some point down the road.
7. Jon Pardi – “Borrowed Time”
From his 2015 EP The B-Sides, the singer strikes a more serious tone on this track about a man who realizes that life around him is passing by much too quickly, making him not want to take one second for granted. If you have yet to discover this thought-provoking track, do so - now. You’ll be the better for it!
6. Jon Pardi – “What I Can’t Put Down”
It’s a musically aggressive track - with it’s guitar laden intro  - that Pardi shines bright on. The song speaks of a person who knows there are things - or people - that he just naturally gravitates toward, and he’s perfectly fine with that fact.
5. Jon Pardi – “Paycheck”
The singer teamed with Luke Laird to write this song that many of his core fan base will no doubt be identify with - a tribute to that piece of paper you get from your place of employment that allows you to support yourself - and have a little bit of fun, of course! This has become a definite favorite in his live show, with many fans knowing the sentiment all too well.
4. Jon Pardi – “When I’ve Been Drinkin’”
Some nifty instrumental work kicks off this Jon Pardi song performance about a man who says some things that he would love to take back when he’s a little intoxicated. The singer inject just the right amount of wry humor in the delivery of the song, apologizing for his actions, but freely admitting he will likely do it again!
3. Jon Pardi – “Dirt On My Boots”
When Pardi heard the demo of the song - written by Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, and Ashley Gorley - he was an immediate fan. But, the song was a little too hip / hop-sounding for him, reportedly. He and co-producer Bart Butler decided to country it up a bit, and the result was a track that became his second straight number one hit.
2. Jon Pardi – “Head Over Boots”
Wanting to pen a song that could persuade couples to get out on the dance floor, the California native teamed with Luke Laird to pen this song that accomplished that - and a little more. In August of 2016, this addicting mid-tempo song became the first Jon Pardi song to hit number one on the charts, and also his first Platinum single.
1. Jon Pardi – “She Ain’t In It” 

Pardi prides himself in bringing a rock and roll attitude to his approach to traditional country, but make no mistake about it. The singer can also turn on a dime, giving a stone-cold weeper performance that would make George Strait not with approval. He achieved that task with this highlight track from California Sunrise - that hopefully Capitol will see fit to release as a single before the label and Pardi move on to album number three!

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