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Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....October 2, 2017 (Kip Moore - 10 Best Songs)

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Kip Moore's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

  Kip Moore performs on the Toyota Mane Stage during day 2 of 2017 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 29, 2017 in Indio, Calif

The past six years have been very busy ones for MCA Nashville recording artist Kip Moore. The singer’s bluesy approach has made him many fans – both here in the United States as well as abroad, where he is returning for a brief run this fall.
His new release Slowheart will no doubt please his devoted fan following – and make him a few new ones, as well. As we gear up for the next chapter of all things Kip Moore, here are ten of the top Kip Moore song performances from so far in his career!
 10. Kip Moore –“Faith When I Fall”
On this powerful performance from his 2012 debut disc Up All Night, the singer shines the spotlight on his spiritual side with this inspirational number about looking to a greater being when things get rough. Moore infused the lyric with the knowledge of a man who had seemingly spent many nights at a crossroads, and that vulnerability shows here.
9. Kip Moore –“Mary Was The Marrying Kind”
For his 2011 debut single, Moore injected a little bit of hindsight-like wisdom in this tale of a woman who was very much like a wallflower – until one day she began to have confidence in herself. Once she did that, everyone else took notice – though for some, it was too much too late.
8. Kip Moore –“Young Love”
The story was not anything new, by anyone’s standards, but Moore put quite a bit of his own personality into this single that failed to light any fires at Country Radio, surprisingly peaking outside of the Top-20 (#22).
7. Kip Moore –“Dirt Road”
From a strictly chart standpoint, this track was the lowest-ranking Kip Moore song since his debut in 2011. But, as is often the case, that’s only half the story. It can be said that Moore never sounded better as he did on this performance, which allowed him to delve into his Blues-side. Just like with age, chart position can sometimes be just simply a number.
6. Kip Moore –“I’m To Blame”
The singer returned to the Top-20 in 2015 with this humorous song about a man who always seems to cook the golden goose that falls in his lap. Making this song even more entertaining was the video – which included Moore riding off into the proverbial sunset with a prospective bride at a wedding, where he initially was a groomsman!
5. Kip Moore –“Hey Pretty Girl”
This tender Kip Moore song performance details the growth of a relationship over the years, running the gamut from the first meeting to marriage, and eventually becoming parents. The 2013 single stopped just shy of number one on the Country Airplay chart, peaking at No. 2.
4. Kip Moore –“More Girls Like You”
The current single from Moore – and lead track from his new Slowheart disc – is one that simply praises the charms and personality traits of his girlfriend, and helped the singer climb back into the top ten for the first time in four years!
3. Kip Moore –“Something ‘Bout A Truck”
Moore hit the ground running with his second single release, which also became his first record to top the charts. The song definitely made an impact with fans – no matter what kind of vehicle they drove. On paper, the lyrics might not have set themselves apart from the crowd, but the infectious jubilation of Moore about simply being behind the wheel – and away from his nine-to-five made this a song that you couldn’t help but move your feet to.
2. Kip Moore –“Running For You” 
Without a doubt, the most emotionally riveting performance of Moore’s career so far came on this single from Wild Ones - which featured him telling his lover that even though their time together has sadly come to an end, he’s just a call away if she ever needs him. It’s a break-up song (on paper), yet so much more than that.
1. Kip Moore –“Beer Money”

 If you go to a Kip Moore concert, try not to smile when this 2012 single is performed. Go ahead. We dare you. The track simply qualifies as ebullient, and while nobody likely ever expected a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year, this Kip Moore song was designed to simply make you smile – and five years later, it still fulfills that purpose.

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