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Country in the NEWS: Where New Country meets Old Country....October 5, 2017 (LoCash - 10 Best Songs)

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LoCash's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks


Combine a penchant for hook-laden lyrics combined with a great vocal blend, and you have what has become the winning formula for LoCash. Since breaking through with “I Love This  Life,” in 2015, the duo of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust have become one of the most dependable duos in country music for chart success with three straight hits from their latest disc The Fighters.
But, the LoCash sound didn’t start there. Chris and Preston have been perfecting their sound for years, and their previous releases all reveal a performance style that has consistently been among the most energetic and entertaining in the country music genre. Here are ten of the best LoCash song moments on record so far. We have a feeling that they will be adding a few more with each album in the future!
 10. LoCash - "Chase A Little Love"
This 2013 single from their self-titled debut album seems to be the perfect definition for what comprises the LoCash sound. The harmonies are as “tight as twin fiddles in a Bob Wills band” (Thank you, Vern Gosdin), and the lyrics are simply about having fun and living in a moment. The song has remained a staple of their live show, and hopefully will for some time. It truly sets the mood for all that they do!
9. LoCash - "I Hope"
When you write with Jeffrey Steele, you best be prepared to bring your best shot, and that’s exactly what the guys did on this cut from their debut with a song that could be summed up best as the male version of “I Hope You Dance.” In true Steele style, the genius of this track is that it is very much open-ended. It could be about a man setting his lover free, but also could be a simple wish from a father to a child. It’s all in the interpretation.
8. LoCash - "Ring on Every Finger"
Country music has had a deep history of love songs, but perhaps you could call the latest LoCash hit a “Double Love Song.” In the fun and infectious lyrics, the duo sings of being so enamored with their lover that they will go to whatever length it takes to prove their devotion, to her and the outside the world, by wearing the symbolic token of a wedding ring on each and every finger they can put one on. The track was co-written by fellow hitmaker Thomas Rhett.
7. LoCash - "The Fighters"
Anytime that you can record a song from the pen of NSAI Hall of Fame songwriter Tom Douglas, chances are pretty good that you need to take the bait. LoCash thought so much of this composition penned with Rodney Clawson and Matt Dregstem that they elected to make the song the title track of their current album. The lyrics pay homage to the core country music listeners that defy the odds of life, from a truck driver to a factory worker to a single mother, and all points and people in between. It’s a lyric that speaks to the underdog in all of us.
6. LoCash - "Moonwalkin’"
The music business isn’t always about deep emotion or meaningful lyrics. This lively offering from The Fighters is proof that sometimes, a listener just needs three minutes of powerful harmonies and a sing-a-long chorus to set the song apart. And, that’s precisely what this track is about – all in fun!
5. LoCash - "Independent Trucker"
If only it had been the 1970s, this LoCash song would have been huge. Truck driving songs from the likes of Red Sovine and Dave Dudley were the rage, and this fun track was a highlight of their debut album. Jeffrey Steele penned the song with Chris Stapleton, and while the song definitely has a soulful groove, this is straight out of George Jones 1967 Musicor territory, which makes sense, as “The Possum” chose the song to make one of his final recorded performances. A should-have-been HIT.
4. LoCash - "Best Seat In The House"
Try listening to this 2013 single from Preston and Chris, and not get at least a little bit misty-eyed. Go ahead. We dare you. The lyrics of this heart-tugging ballad about a man who is living his dreams of being on stage, but without his deceased father who so tenderly supported him. The words are designed to stop you in your tracks. Four years later, they still do.
3. LoCash - "I Love This Life"
After seeing their first few singles make it no higher than No. 34 on the charts, the first LoCash song to make a major dent on the charts was this tribute to their own existence. The song was written by the duo, along with frequent collaborator Chris Janson and Danny Myrick. The joyous tip of the hat to simply waking up in the morning struck a winning note with country fans, helping this song make it all the way to No. 2 on the country airplay chart.
2. LoCash - "God Loves Me More"
Trying to pen an original love song is not the easiest of tasks. After all, there have been thousands of lyrics written over the years espousing the various virtues that makes a partner relatable and needed. On this track from The Fighters, LoCash demonstrates perhaps their most romantic mood, telling their mate that the love that his Higher Power has for him is greater than that for her--or anyone else--because she was allowed to come into his life. Quite possibly, a hit to look for down the road!
1. LoCash - "I Know Somebody"

The hit factory of Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover, and Ross Copperman made this offering to the LoCash song catalog with a composition that plays it very subtly about a man’s intentions, though he’s also making his desires and wishes very clear. The track took the momentum that “I Love This Life” gave the duo, and added to it, topping the country airplay chart two days before Halloween of 2016.

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