Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Breaking News: Here's a Photo Shoot of the 1st Country Music Artist Featured in Playboy & She Talks About "Getting Dirty"

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 That time in 1978 when Dolly Parton posed for Playboy with a super pervy-looking bunny 

Sorry folks, if you thought you were going to see Dolly Parton naked—it just ain’t gonna happen. Under no circumstance was Dolly ever going to show her goods in the October 1978 issue of Playboy. Here’s what she had to say about the whole “taking it all off” for the men’s magazine during an interview she did with Lawrence Grobel in 1978:

I got kind of scared when I thought they wanted me to do something … I didn’t want to be naked on the front of a magazine unless everybody would know it was a joke. I wouldn’t want to be naked even then.
In 2014 Dolly was asked again to pose for Playboy but, “she passed this time around, saying it wouldn’t be appropriate because of the work she now does with children and the Imagination Library, her charity that supports childhood literacy.”
Now let’s forget about Dolly and Playboy and focus on that damned rabbit. That has to be one of the most sinister-looking rabbit costumes I’ve ever seen. What the hell were they thinking? 

Below, Dolly Parton talks about “getting dirty”


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