Saturday, September 2, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..September 2, 2017 (Jason Aldean)


Jason Aldean Shows Off “Badass” Baby

Is His Son Already an Outlaw?
There’s an old photo of Johnny Cash that has become legendary in the nearly 50 years since it was taken. He’s flipping a photographer the finger during his 1969 concert at California’s San Quentin prison.
Many have tried to recreate the picture, but I’m almost positive this is the first time anyone has done so in utero.
Early on Friday morning (Aug. 31), Jason Aldean shared a photo on Instagram of what looks like his son’s latest ultrasound, where he seems to be flipping off the radiology technician.
 Aldean’s wife Brittany hasn’t posted that same ultrasound, but she did show off the new memory foam bed she ordered.

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