Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..September 13, 2017 (Shania Twain)

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How Shania Twain Found Her Femininity

"I Wasn't Blessed With Prettiness," She Says
Even though she seems like such a natural beauty, Shania Twain claims that beauty didn’t come naturally to her.
In a story she wrote for the October issue of InStyle, Twain says she wasn’t blessed with prettiness when she was growing up.
It wasn’t until after high school, when she started fronting bands, that she got the message that she should kind of glam things up. She even had dancers give her high-heel-walking lessons.
“How am I ever going to sing and wear high heels at the same time?” Twain said she asked herself. “I got into the groove of it and started to love it.
“Since I was such a late bloomer, I think I liked the indulgence of getting dressed up. It was a new playground for me — picking the fabrics, colors, and images was a very creative process. It wasn’t just about what to wear to go out on a Friday night. It was about becoming an artist.”
As Twain preps for her 2018 tour, she’s doing so mentally and physically. She said she is playing tennis, meditating, walking and eating well. And when she does take the stage, expect to see her in the threads that made her the style icon she is.
“I’ve also got some new cat suits for hitting the stage! They’re so comfortable, like pajamas,” she said.
As for the new album Now, out later this month, Twain says part of the excitement is being able to share everything she has been through.
“The journey has been lifelong. There were many layers that had built up to this bottle neck, and in reviewing my whole life, which I did through writing my autobiography, I was taken back to the very beginning. It made me realize, ‘Wow, my divorce is actually not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.’
“Songwriting is my psychiatry session,” she said.

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