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Country in the NEWS:..September 13, 2017 (Mickey Guyton)

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Mickey Guyton: An Artist That’s Beyond Reproach

Talks Dolly Parton's Influence on New Song “Nice Things” 
Ask Mickey Guyton how much she loves Dolly Parton and she will rattle on for forever and a day about the country icon.
News correspondent Gayle King knew how much Guyton loved Parton and worked for approximately eight months to coordinate a meeting between the two stars in spring 2016.
“She is a true boss,” Guyton tells about Parton. “And she wrote some of the most amazing songs. She came up in a time that was extremely conservative but she had such progressive views. She taught people to love for who they are no matter what and I think that’s amazing.
“Plus, imagine coming up in the country music world when it was extremely conservative and you had these giant boobs. I’m sure she might have gotten judged for them and she did not care. That is so admirable that she is OK with being different and her talent speaks for itself.”
Like Parton, Guyton is an artist that is beyond reproach. Ask anyone on Music Row about Guyton, and they will say nothing but nice things about her until the cows come home. Guyton has one of the most recognizable voices in today’s country music that can sing anything.
Her latest release “Nice Things,” co-written with Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman, follows in the lineage of Parton’s classic storytelling. Guyton says it’s another taste of what fans can expect to hear on her upcoming album.

“I started playing it out live, and it kind of brings everybody back to those melodies that you don’t always get to hear on the radio,” Guyton says. “It’s very nostalgic, and it pays homage to classic country that I was listening to growing up. Dolly was my jam in the day, and she still is. I just think it’s cool that people are taking note and paying attention to the song.”
Although Guyton is now happily married, the same ex that inspired her empowering debut “Better Than You Left Me” served as the muse for “Nice Things.”
“I was only truly heartbroken one time,” Guyton says. “At first when I was writing this record, I hated that my ex was my muse and that I was having to constantly go back to emotions that I couldn’t put away. Now, I’m OK with that. Had he not broken my heart, I would have never been able to write these beautiful songs that touch other people. How are you able to truly relate to having a broken heart if you’ve never had your heart broken?”
When asked for her secret to being an artist that is beyond reproach, Guyton said you get what you give.
“I don’t really have a secret,” she admits. “I just try to be as genuine and honest as I possibly can. Nothing negative comes from encouraging somebody else. Not a single negative impact will happen on your life when you encourage and love other people.”

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