Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..September 12, 2017 (Carrie Underwood - New Release)

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The Wait for Carrie Underwood’s “The Champion”

New Song to Debut in February
Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher loves it. The producer of NBC’s NFL telecast loves it. But the rest of us? We will have to wait until February to hear the new song Underwood wrote.
In past Super Bowls, there is always some kind of variation on the Sunday Night Football theme. But this year, NBC asked Underwood to write her own tune. So she wrote “The Champion,” which will arrive before the big February bowl game.
“My husband loved it,” Underwood told Variety. “He would listen to it before playoff games. He was like ‘I want everyone to hear it!’ and I had to tell him, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t play it in the locker room. I’m sorry.’ But that was a good indicator that we were on the right track.”
Underwood already owns Sunday nights during the regular season. She’s been the one to sing the theme song for the past four years, and this year’s song is a football version of her “Somethin’ Bad” duet with Miranda Lambert. New lyrics include the hook, “Sunday night about to happen.”

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