Sunday, August 27, 2017

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Country Fried Steak Ingredients

2 4oz cuts CUBE STEAK
¾ cup all-purpose FLOUR (use enough to coat steaks and extra for making gravy)
1 EGG (one for every two cuts of meat)
COOKING OIL (enough to cover half the steak in the pan)
1½ cups MILK (add as needed for desired gravy consistency)
SALT and PEPPER to taste

Cube steak is a hammered and tenderized cut of round or top sirloin steak

How to Make Country fried Steak

Bread the cube steak. For 2 cuts of meat, place approx. ¾ cup all-purpose flour in a shallow dish–this is more flour than you'll need for the breading, but you'll use whatever is leftover for making the gravy. Season the flour simply with salt and pepper. In another shallow dish, beat 1 egg. Lay each side of the steak in the flour, breading each side, then lay the floured steak in the egg dish on each side to coat the steak in egg, then return the steak to the flour dish and re-coat each side in flour again; once fried, this double flouring will create a thick, decadent breading.

Heat oil in a skillet on med-high. Make sure the oil is HOT before adding the steaks! Carefully lay the steaks in the pan. The breaded cuts should begin bubbling and cooking straight away. Because cube steak is pounded and thin, it takes very little time to cook–approx 2-3 minutes each side. Once the breading has fried and turned golden, carefully turn the steaks. Be careful of the hot grease. Once both sides are crisp and golden, remove steak from the oil and place on a paper towel to drain.

Pour off excess grease from the pan so that only enough remains to make the gravy–this might be a couple of tablespoons or a ¼ cup, depending on how much gravy you wish to make. If there are bits and pieces left in the skillet from the frying steak, that's great–it will make the gravy even more delicious. Into the skillet, add about as much flour as there is grease. You can just eyeball it, it isn't rocket science. Stir the flour and grease together for about a minute. The flour will absorb the grease and thicken. Slowly pour in milk, constantly stirring. Add the milk incrementally. Over the course of a few minutes, the gravy will smooth and thicken. Add milk until the gravy is the consistency you desire. Taste and season with additional salt and pepper if needed (it will probably be needed).

And that's it. Pour the gravy over the steaks or serve on the side. And if you don't want gravy, then skip the whole gravy part of this recipe entirely–the country fried steak (also called chicken fried steak) tastes great with or without gravy–in fact, they're fantastic in a sandwich–which is a great way to use a leftover country fried steak.
Give this country fried steak recipe a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit!

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