Friday, August 18, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..Today august 18, 2017 (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood)


Keith Urban’s New Video: An Attitude of Gratitude

Almost Two Minutes of Thank Yous 
 This is how I know Keith Urban really means it when he says thank you: He doesn’t just throw a half-hearted tweet out there thanking everyone for making his latest song reach the top of the charts.
He actually took the time — nearly two minutes — to make a video, and to make sure he didn’t leave anyone off his list.
“Keith here, on the bus,” Urban says, as if fans won’t know who he is.
First, he thanks country radio for making “The Fighter” one more single off his Ripcord album to go to No. 1.

Then he thanks Carrie Underwood, who sang on “The Fighter” with him.
“You killed it. I love singing with you, Carrie. Anytime, count me in,” he says.
Then he thanks busbee, his co-everything. They wrote and produced the song together.
Then he goes into what he calls a broader thank you, to all the fans.

“It’s been the most indescribable journey for me to have this group of songs come together on this album, right at this time. Just a blessing. An absolute blessing. It’s been a blast playing these songs live. What a journey.
“I’m back in the studio working on some new music,” he adds, “but this particular album has been a phenomenal ride, and it’s still going. Absolute, pure magic.”

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