Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Country in the NEWS..August 30, 2017 (Keith Urban)


Keith Urban: “Every Record Is a New Beast”

Busy Schedule Gives Him an Open Mind Toward His Future on American Idol
Will Keith Urban rejoin American Idol?
In a new interview with The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Urban says he certainly has a full dance card. Then again, never say never.
“And if that happens, great. And if it doesn’t, no sweat,” Urban said of his future on Idol. “There’s been talk about it, but I’m not quite sure. There’s an enormous amount of moving parts on everybody’s side, I think, right now.”
Here’s how full Urban’s dance card is right now: He has a tour, he has a family, and most time-consuming of all, he is making new music.
“People always think music is looming anytime soon. Which it’s not necessarily, it’s that making records is a process for me, and it can either come quick or take an enormously long time. I tend to get in the studio once we’re finished touring, which for me was sort of January, February. I was writing and recording a little bit. Working toward new music, you know?”
Already, Urban has found a few songs that seem special to him. But turning them into records, he says, is another part of the puzzle.
And he’s also not willing to rest on his Ripcord laurels.
“I’ve just come to the realization that it really doesn’t matter what I’ve done with the previous record — every record is just a new beast. And it may be similar to the last one, nothing like the last one, exactly like the last one, a little bit like the last one. I just never know,” he said.
“I always liken it to taking a picture of yourself. In some years, you don’t look like you’ve changed much and some years you look like you’ve made a quantum leap — in your haircut or the way you look or your clothing or your weight or your physicality. And that’s what I do when I make albums — I just try and capture an accurate snapshot of where I’m at and where I’d like to go, really.”

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