Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Country in the NEWS:,,August 30, 2017 (Brad Paisley)


How Brad Paisley Spreads Kindness

Compliments and Gratitude Go a Long Way 
 I don’t think we’ve ever needed kindness more. It’s one of the only silver linings around the cloud hovering over Houston right now.
When you see neighbors rescuing neighbors, and strangers helping strangers, it makes you think that the whole world has accepted the Kindness Challenge.
One of the recent country stars to join the K.C. is Brad Paisley. He accepted the challenge from actor Olivia Munn, and shared some quick advice on how he stays kind.
“Ten seconds of how I spread kindness,” Paisley says in his Instagram video. “Go.”
 “First of all, compliment people. Look for the positive. Say something nice about them. Look for the things they do or say that you love. “And then also, say thank you. Saying thank you is key these days when somebody does something for you,” he says.
When he was done, he challenged fellow artist Darius Rucker and country radio’s Cody Alan and Bobby Bones to share their kind of kindness with their followers to keep the chain going.
On Monday (Aug. 28), Paisley also tweeted a story about a man in Texas City who had a boat and was planning on saving some lives.

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