Thursday, August 24, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..August 24, 2017 (Tim McGraw)


Reasons Why Tim McGraw Stays Strong

And the Workout He Shares With Faith Hill 

We get it. Tim McGraw works out.
But even though I’ve heard over and over again how he works out, I’ve never really heard McGraw talk about why he works out.
“In my early 40s, when I really started taking it seriously, I started running a lot,” McGraw told Men’s Fitness. “That’s the first thing I started doing, and I found that made a big difference for me. It just started my day out better. I just realized how much it raised the bar on everything that I did.”
And he says there was a kind of halo effect, and it started making everything else better.
“It raised the bar on my career. It raised the bar on my relationships with my friends. It just made me feel better, gave me a better mental outlook on everything that I was doing,” he said.
It became a discipline for him, he explained, and that allowed him to become more disciplined in other parts of his life: learning to fly an airplane, spearfishing in the Bahamas and more.
“Just different things that being fit and being mentally alert led me to do,” he said.
His workouts now start with active yoga and body weights, then he’ll run the stairs in the arena where he’s performing (before the seats fill with fans), then he’ll do some CrossFit in the afternoon. His wife Faith Hill will join him for the morning yoga, but she also likes to do some martial arts and boxing with their tour trainer.
And what’s on McGraw’s playlist when he works out? Bruno Mars’ 2012 album Unorthodox Jukebox.

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