Saturday, August 19, 2017

Country in the NEWS:..August 19, 2017 (Aubrie Sellers)


Aubrie Sellers’ Intergalactic, Sci-Fi Glam “Paper Doll” Takes on the Copycats

Singer-Songwriter Delivers Latest Installment of Empowering Music Videos
One week ago, CMT premiered Aubrie Sellers’ stellar and perfectly timed video for “Magazines” as part of her campaign to empower girls everywhere by tackling the stereotypes surrounding today’s woman. Now, she’s back with “Paper Doll,” an intergalactic-glam ode to the importance of standing out in the crowd.
Inspired to take a stand and make a statement after seeing films from the 1950s and ’60s not portraying women in a fair light, the singer-songwriter decided to turn the concepts on its ears in a way that instead empowers women, using the music videos for the songs “Magazines” and “Paper Doll” as her outlet and acclaimed L.A. based director Millicent Hailes as her guide.
She said both songs are about “phoniness in different forms.”
“Magazines” took a shot at celebrity culture by taking on the 1957 classic Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn in a way that questions how we view women in society.
Inspired by the 1953 cult sci-fi film Cat-Women of the Moon, “Paper Doll” takes on the ever-growing homogenization of the female aesthetic and persona in society and how it’s important to embrace who you are and not be like the rest.
 In a behind-the-scenes video, Sellers talks about the “eye-opening experience” of touring and really putting herself out there with her current, unconventional record. She says she excited for new music and what comes next — and so are we.

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