Thursday, August 17, 2017

Country in the NEWS: ..Today August 17, 2017 (Miranda Lambert)


Miranda Lambert’s Shout-Out to a Hero

Calls Allison Moorer "the Woman That Taught Me About Truth"
You may not know who Allison Moorer is. But Miranda Lambert does, and she recently told the alt-country singer-songwriter that she is her hero.
Moorer had tweeted out a long-read post about how she was about to release a new album — a her first collaborative album with her sister Shelby Lynne — and that the struggles of being a veteran of the music business was a bit of a blessing and a curse.
“This far down the line it feels more complicated as well as the easiest it’s ever been. We know the drill — we’ve done this a collective twenty something times. But gaining the attention and approval of an audience is harder than ever. It’s worrisome and anxiety producing to constantly be auditioning and to rely on those auditions for your livelihood,” Moorer wrote. “But that’s the nature of
these things.”
Her post goes on and on, about courage, vulnerability, freedom and the truth. She included a photograph of herself as a tough little girl, and remarked that, “Even though I may not be ready, I go anyway, carrying her on my shoulder, or maybe she’s carrying me.”
The post moved Lambert to retweet it, and to give Moorer some encouraging words. Since Lambert is such an outspoken champion of women in the music business, the world is used to watching Lambert be an artist’s hero. But this time, she’s just a fan, telling Moorer how much she learned by watching her and listening to her music.
“This moved me so much Allison. You are and always will be the woman that taught me about truth. How to write it, say it, and sing it. #hero,” Lambert wrote.
Moorer and Lynne’s album Not Dark Yet comes out on Friday (Aug. 18).

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