Saturday, April 29, 2017


DOg & Cat

From The Chinaman@VERT/FALCON to All on Thu Nov 15 14:29:00 2007
You guy all clazy hare on Dovenet. SUm you ready to kill human being hare, send nasty curse message to them ,thretehn them and then sum you and sum of the purpletrators also postit pretty poem and strory about cat & dogs. I haveit dog also. His name "chinadog" . He vely nice dog, only bite amelican gang member(hehehe).
Anybody hare havit pit bull, this vely bad dog I hearing about.
My flend havit PitBull and he ask me help him name it so I tell
him name it ANgus and he do that.

I not go to close to him, I aflaid he bite me ware the sun not shine.
Ok I go now, have nice day evelybody !

ThE cHiNaMaN

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