Saturday, March 25, 2017

London Killer Not a Lone Operative
The Liberal  Media and Governments just love to always put out it was a Lone Person doing the act, but as we all know it's usually not, especially when they Yell Out some religous chant or threat!
So once again,  
Police have appealed for those who knew Khalid Masood to come forward as they try to establish whether he acted alone. A major investigation is underway and 10 people are in custody following raids and searches on properties in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, Surrey and Brighton.
  • Details emerged of Masood’s complicated backstory, which includes multiple names, several convictions and a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Seventeen people remain in hospital, and one person remains in a life-threatening condition. The death toll in the attack stands at five including Masood after Leslie Rhodes, 75, died of his injuries overnight. 
  • Feel Free to Print This Photo for Target Practice
  • Khalid Masood
Vote to Repeal Obamacare Fails!
Well looks Like Trump Just Pulled Off His latest Hat Trick!
After the devestating passage of Obamacare it was plain to see that taking away a handout that Obama tricked The American People into taking would a problem. Trump knew if you take away the freebies He would get the blame for it! So as it is, the votes were not enough and it falls back into the hands of the Liberals when it collapses under it's own weight! And it Will!
That's why Trump made sure to leave enought pork in it s
o even some Republicans would reject it !
So now He can walk away from it for a while and it's all because of the Liberals and backstabbing Republicans that voted against it.
He played them like a Fiddle!

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