Thursday, March 23, 2017

14 Year Old Girl Raped by 2 Illegals in Maryland

So What's the Liberal  and Liberal Media Response to Illegals Crimes in America

"Well, even Legals commit these crimes" 

Really, that's Your response!

Many Liberal Media outlets hardly or didn't even cover the news on the horrific rape of a 14 year old in the Rockville,. MD

Many of these Anti Trump media outlets do not want to make Trump look correct on any of these issues, so they say little about it, make excuses for the Illegals or just don't cover it period!

You can stop this Folks, Boycott these news outlets, Boycott their prime Time shows as well.  They're burying these falsehoods in the storylines of their shows! The far-left political advocacy of this progressive School Superintendent is stunning.   This school district is so far over the ideological deep end, it seems hopeless for the residents and parents.

You won't see the the following in the news! 







Folks We must support President Trumps Wall, Bans and enforement completely! Anything less will eventually contribute to the demise of Our once great Nation!

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