Sunday, March 22, 2015

EXCLUSIVE — Miami’s Matt Drudge Buys Arizona Mansion . . . Spends $1.9 Million on Bunker-Like Crib!

Matt Drudge
Matt Drudge, recently in New York City (Splash News photo)

Matt Drudge house
Internet newsman Matt Drudge spent $1.9 million on this mansion near Phoenix (MLS photo)
flag-exclusivePHOENIX, Arizona — Internet arsonist Matt Drudge, who owns a sprawling property on the edge of The Everglades near Miami, just plunked down $1.9 million cash for a bunker-like house in the Arizona desert near Phoenix.
With the purchase the web aggregator, 48, will be living part-time in the jurisdiction of civil rights-busting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a favorite on his Drudge Report.
Drudge has been moving quite a bit of real estate as of late.
Over the past two years, he bought two large adjacent properties in the Redland agricultural area on SW 157th Avenue in southwest Miami-Dade County for a total $2.1 million.
In all, the Republican operative who gave the world the scandal has 10 acres and two homes in Redland with a combined 10,000-square-feet of living space!
Click here to visit Drudge’s Florida ranch
Inside Matt Drudge's house
Inside Miami Internet newsman Matt Drudge’s new house in Phoenix, Arizona (MLS photo)
Property records in Arizona, meanwhile, show Drudge — who created a Florida LLC named Moon Traveler for the transaction — got himself a dark-gray contemporary home with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and sweeping views on the famous Camelback Mountain.

He’s down the street from former Baltimore Orioles pitcher Joe Saunders.
We reached out to Drudge to ask if he’s leaving Miami, but we have yet to hear from him.
Matt Drudge's new house
Grass grows on Matt Drudge’s Arizona desert property (MLS photo)

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