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Country Music Countdown, News, & Sports...August 31, 2016


COUNTRY CHART Weekend of August 27-28

1 JON PARDI Head Over Boots
2 SAM HUNT Make You Miss Me
3 DAN & SHAY From The Ground Up
4 JAKE OWEN American Country Love Song
7 ERIC CHURCH Record Year
8 JUSTIN MOORE You Look Like I Need A Drink
9 DIERKS BENTLEY w/ELLE KING Different For Girls
10 BLAKE SHELTON She’s Got a Way With Words
11 KIP MOORE Running For You
13 LoCASH I Know Somebody
14 ZAC BROWN BAND Castaway
16 BILLY CURRINGTON It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To
18 BIG & RICH Lovin’ Lately
19 COLE SWINDELL Middle Of a Memory
20 KENNY CHESNEY w/P!nk Setting The World On Fire

                                                                                                          Action News Reporter

Labor Day weekend washout feared for North Carolina coast

 Labor Day weekend washout feared for North Carolina coast 

Tropical Depression 9 could give the North Carolina coast the blues this Labor Day weekend.
The weather system churning in the Gulf of Mexico is on a track to grow into a tropical storm that could march across the midsection of Florida north of Tampa and hit the Outer Banks sometime Saturday, the National Weather Service warned Tuesday.
 But before that storm arrives to spoil the start of the last busy weekend of summer, the North Carolina coast has to contend with Tropical Depression 8, which is expected to rake the area later Tuesday with 45-mph winds, higher gusts and heavy rain that could flood low-lying areas through Wednesday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was southeast of Cape Hatteras, with top sustained winds of 35 mph, and moving to the northwest. A tropical storm warning was in effect from Oregon Inlet to Cape Lookout and in Pamlico Sound.
"That will be the first of the two punches," said Steve Pfaff, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. "But all eyes are on TD 9. That could ride up our way and make it very dangerous for beachgoers over Labor Day weekend."

Meaning a trifecta of potential trouble — dangerous undertows, dangerous swells and lots of rain.
"The big question is how much," said Pfaff. "We could get anywhere from an inch to 3 inches if it tracks further west."
The silver lining — and there is likely to be one — is that once the storm is gone, the rest of the Labor Day weekend could be a thing of beauty, said Pfaff.
"The weather could get nice by the Sunday/Monday time frame," he said.
TD 9 was about 240 miles west of Key West, Fla., with maximum winds of 35 mph. It was moving west, but forecasters say it could curve back to the northeast in the coming days.
Is it a potential hurricane? Not likely, said Dennis Feltgen of the National Hurricane Center.
"The latest NBC forecast does not see that as a possibility," he said. "It is kept as a tropical storm into Saturday, after which time it loses its tropical characteristics on Sunday as it moves away from the U.S. Coastline."
Meanwhile, the sandbags were out at some locations in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area as Florida residents braced for a downpour.

 Disturbing trend discovered about Wal-Mart stores

The worst Wal-Marts are located in low-income, minority communities.

A study reveals a disturbing trend about Walmart locations across the US

That's according to a study published in May by Contexts, a quarterly publication of the American Sociological Association. A Walmart store's location is closely related to how good or bad the store's customer service is, the study found.

The study, which was recently highlighted by The Atlantic's City Lab, evaluated customer service by analyzing the Yelp reviews of Walmart 2,840 locations across the US.
Stores in areas that have lower average incomes have significantly worse customer reviews than locations in higher-income zip codes. Additionally, locations in areas with higher proportions of Black or Latino residents have worse reviews than those in areas with more white residents.
The study's author Adam Reich, an assistant professor of sociology at Columbia University, analyzed approximately 35,000 reviews of Walmart locations and found that there was a consistent correlation between both race and class and a location's Yelp reviews. Reich blames the disparity on Walmart's decision to under-staff stores in certain areas.

In the early 2000s, Walmart implemented cost-cutting policies that reduced the number of necessary employees per store and resulted in a drop in store quality. This study provides evidence that a decrease in store quality was not consistent across the board, but instead impacted some customers more than others.
"Walmart is the largest retailer and largest employer in the world; moreover, it has consciously branded itself as a champion of and boon for disadvantaged communities," writes Reich. "Its under-investment in these communities is thus particularly notable."

The study may have a few holes. The reliance on Yelp means that researchers can't examine reviewers' biases and outside influences. For example, a store's location in a lower-income or more predominantly Black or Latino neighborhood may impact how its quality is perceived by some reviewers, regardless of the store's customer service.
However, this isn't the first time that Walmart's apparent understaffing has been called into question.
Reports of Walmart saving money by cutting staff have also gotten the retailer in hot water with police. Earlier in August, Bloomberg reported that more than 200 violent crimes had been committed so far this year at Walmart locations across the US. 

Bloomberg argued that the rise in crime is a result of corporate policies. Cost-cutting policies that started in the early 2000s resulted in a drop in store quality, while the loss of greeters and the rise of self-checkout scanners made shoplifting and other illegal activities easier to engage in without employees noticing.
"In the coming weeks and months, we will continue our increased outreach to law enforcement across the country, as part of our ongoing commitment to meet our customer's and associate's expectations of a safe and enjoyable shopping experience," a Walmart representative said in an email to Business Insider earlier in August.
While Walmart's cost-cutting policies have had negative — and, at times, dangerous — outcomes for customers, they have also driven profits: Bloomberg found that sales per employee in the US grew 23% in the last decade to $236,804.
Currently, Reich states that the retailer can turn a profit despite providing poor customer service because Walmart's super low prices have helped put local competition out of business. As a result, Walmart becomes some customers' only option — no matter how poor the shopping experience is.
However, Reich argues that the retailer may suffer in the long term if it doesn't make some major changes. A poor shopping experience could be increasingly damaging for the brand as online shopping grows and competitors increasingly invest in providing quality in-store experiences.
"For Walmart and other retailers, providing a pleasant customer service experience seems likely to be increasingly important to corporate profitability," writes Reich. "For its own sake, then, Walmart should hire more employees, particularly at stores in low-income communities of color, and give all Walmart employees more reasons to smile through better wages and working conditions."


Luke Bryan Applauds His Road Crew

“Sometimes, I Don’t Know How Hard They Work” 

The night before Luke Bryan played Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Billy Joel had packed in a sold-out crowd at the iconic baseball field.
And by the time Joel’s road crew was finished loading out early Saturday morning (Aug. 27), it was time for Bryan’s crew to load in. And it was pouring rain.
So when I had the chance to ask Bryan what that was like to be the boss of a massive crew when times were tough, he admitted he can only do what he does because of what they do.
“My guys, man, sometimes I don’t know how hard they work,” Bryan replied.
We talked about everything that goes on behind the scenes while he’s getting ready for the show, and how far he’s come since his debut album was released nine years ago.
Before that, it was just Bryan and his band on the road going from gig to gig. No crew of hundreds. No convoy of buses. And certainly, no venues like this one.
That’s not lost on him, either.
“We make sure we thank everyone for going the extra mile, every night,” he said.
“A couple years ago, I wouldn’t be able to sleep before these big shows. I would’ve woke up early, started coffee and checked on everything. I’d run myself down that way,” he said.
“At this point of the game, though, knock on wood, we’ve dealt with every hurdle you can deal with and we’ve learned how to overcome whatever we need to overcome,” he said about how he can be so confident that everyone is doing their job — and doing it well.
Which means he can now be a little more hands off and not involve himself in every little detail.
“It’s nice to be relaxed in this role,” Bryan said.


Jana Kramer Joins Dancing With the Stars

Rick Perry, Vanilla Ice Also Waltzing Their Way Into Competition

No matter what is going on in her personal life, Jana Kramer is staying the course and staying committed to her newest endeavor: Dancing With the Stars.
It was announced on Tuesday (Aug. 30) that the country singer would be joining the cast for the upcoming season of the dance competition.
The odds are in her favor, too. Because the last time a country girl (Kellie Pickler) was on the show, in 2013, she won.
Kramer confirmed the news on her social media pages, adding that Gleb Savchenko will be her professional dance partner. “IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m going to be on Season 23 of #DWTS! I’m so excited to show you my moves on Sept 12th! @dancingabc”
Besides Pickler, Sara Evans, Billy Ray Cyrus, Wynonna and Chuck Wicks are other country stars who have been on the show.
Other contestants this year include former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Vanilla Ice, Former Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick, former Taxi star Marilu Henner and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and gymnast Laurie Hernandez.
Kramer and her husband Michael Caussin are separating, and while she hasn’t spoken publicly about the reasons why, she did thank her fans for their support in an Instagram post
“I just wanted to say thank you to my fans for all the love. This has been an extremely hard time but Jolie has given me more strength than I ever thought possible. Your continued support means the world too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Tim McGraw: The Wedding Crash Details

Singer Offers 10 Songs for Lisa and Paul 

On Saturday night (Aug. 27) in Philadelphia, Tim McGraw‘s “My Little Girl” took center stage at a wedding at the Vie Ballroom.
Because McGraw was singing it.
It happened at the reception, after Lisa White and Paul Getz were married at a church just west of the city.
During the father-daughter dance, McGraw walked into the room in a tux and a cowboy hat, right when the band started playing. He didn’t say anything. He just started singing “My Little Girl.”
The bride didn’t notice right away, but once she realized what was happening, she ran up and hugged him. It was not only a surprise to the newlyweds, but to the crowd of about 500 guests.
I’m sure their hearts won’t forget something like that.

Garth Brooks: Learning to Live Again, Again

A Song About a Brand New Second Chance 

When Garth Brooks was letting his fans listen to a new song he’s recording, I thought it sounded a little familiar.
He said the title is “Lay Down and Dance.” After playing bits and pieces of it for people watching his Facebook Live #StudioG on Monday (Aug. 29), he explained the gist of the song.
“It’s about a guy who thought he was through with romance. Until you meet the next one, like guys do, and all the sudden, it’s on again,” Brooks said, as the song plays in the background, with him singing that she is his brand new second chance.
Then it hit me. It’s kind of like a modern version of Brooks’ 1993 hit “Learning to Live Again.” In that one, he isn’t quite ready to go out after a tough break up, but his friends — Debbie and Charlie — drag him out on a double date, and eventually, they’re dancing, sharing a goodnight kiss beneath her porch light, and there is potential for another date.
Brooks doesn’t make any promises that this new one will be on his upcoming album, but he does talk about how he records songs first and then decides where they’ll land later.
“You try stuff. Sometimes you cut for no reason other than the joy of the song,” he says. “There’s a thousand different journeys to the same place. That’s what I love about music.
“As long as you don’t put rules on it, then hopefully it turns out cool and sincere and from the heart. And that’s what it’s all about.”



Twitter Reacts to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team Season Premiere

"I mean, I guess things just happen. We all pee." 

This season, the fans of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team took to Twitter for the season premiere tweeting on everything from the pee incident to the integral role of the security guard.
Let’s examine the topics of discussion, in retrospect.

Our watch parties are better than your watch parties. 

Fan girling over the ladies.

How everyone feels while watching auditions, in emojis…

Learning something new. 

And, trying to solve DCC mysteries.

10 points for the security guard’s creativity.

Weighing in on the awkward pee situation. So who was Miss Pompon Pee Pants? #DCCMakingTheTeam @CMT #ItsBack #lovethisshow

Access Hollywood‘s Anthony Ramos slaying at being a judge.

Neal McCoy’s reaction to being cropped out of Meredith’s photo.

Emily Ferguson feeling our pain.

You know, Emily from Bachelor in Paradise. Hello!

Oh, and this dog. Can we please see her audition?!


Catch new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. For bonus clips and more, visit and download the CMT App. Join the conversation on the show’s Facebook page and follow @CMT using #DCCMakingTheTeam on Twitter and Instagram.



 The Dolphins plan on using backpack foggers at Hard Rock Stadium before every home game. (AP)

Dolphins to fight Zika threat at new stadium; disease expert has stern caution for some fans

The Dolphins plan on using backpack foggers at Hard Rock Stadium before every home game. (AP)

If Adam Gase schemes against AFC East defenses as aggressively as his new organization attacks mosquitos, the Miami Dolphins may be on their way to a great season.
As Zika fears intensify across South Florida and beyond, the Dolphins have been proactive about battling the insect-transmitted virus – even as experts caution pregnant women about visiting Miami until the threat has passed.
The organization will use backpack foggers 48 hours before every home game – including Thursday’s preseason finale at home against the Tennessee Titans and Saturday’s home opener for the University of Miami – and has endeavored to treat the 265 acres of the property around Hard Rock Stadium for weeks. That has included going after anywhere mosquitos can breed, whether it’s retention ponds, drainage areas or landscaping. The goal is not only to protect players and fans, but also the many workers who renovated the stadium throughout the summer months. Only EPA-approved chemicals have been used, according to the team.

That’s not to say there isn’t worry. The disease can cause catastrophic birth defects, and is not yet preventable through vaccines.
“If you’re pregnant, you probably ought not to go to a game there,” said William Schaffner, infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. “That’s the first thing. Beyond the hot zones, women who are pregnant should seriously consider not going. If it was my wife, she should stay home, no matter how much she loves the Dolphins.”
Schaffner advises the same for women who are considering becoming pregnant. The CDC advises pregnant women and their partners to “consider postponing nonessential travel to all parts of Miami-Dade County.”
“Pregnancies are so treasured and so important,” Schaffner says. “There are going to be many other opportunities to go to sports games.”
Hard Rock Stadium is not near a “hot zone.” It’s 15 miles away. Still, the Dolphins wanted to reduce both mosquitos and concerns about mosquitos, as the club knew any decision to travel in South Florida would be a difficult one. There have been 545 total cases statewide not involving pregnant women, and 75 involving pregnant women, regardless of symptoms.
A recent St. Leo’s University poll found nearly 80 percent of respondents in Florida are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about the Zika virus. That’s up from roughly 71 percent in June.
According to the Florida Department of Health, local transmissions of Zika (not travel related) have been found in only two small areas in Miami-Dade County: one near downtown and the other in Miami Beach.
Dolphin ticket demand hasn’t seemed to suffer despite the negative headlines.
“Overall, Dolphins ticket prices from last season to this season have remained steady,” Nate Rattner of SeatGeek said, “with just a slight 2 percent drop in average resale price for tickets to home games [$179 average resale for the 2015 season at this time last year to $176 this year].”
There are tickets available on SeatGeek for Thursday’s game for as low as $8, but Rattner says the overall price point is “in line with Dolphins preseason games over the past few seasons.”
One Dolphins official said he had not heard of any calls from fans expressing worries about the Zika threat at Hard Rock.
For those who go, Schaffner recommends wearing long sleeves and pants, no matter what the temperature, and (obviously) applying bug spray before setting out for the stadium. Some Orlando theme parks are offering free repellent, though the Dolphins have not planned to do so.
“If everyone has repellent,” he says, “mosquitos won’t go within a mile of that place.”
Zika fears caused several top golfers to skip the Summer Olympics, yet as of last week there were zero confirmed cases in Rio during the Games.

NFL Scores


NFL Preseason Standings



New England 3 0 0 1.000

Miami 2 1 0 .667

Buffalo 1 2 0 .333

NY Jets 1 2 0 .333

West                WLTPct
Denver 2 1 0 .667

San Diego 1 2 0 .333

Kansas City 1 2 0 .333

Oakland 1 2 0 .333

North                   WLTPct
Baltimore 3 0 0 1.000

Cincinnati 1 2 0 .333

Pittsburgh 1 2 0 .333

Cleveland 0 3 0 .000

South                 WLTPct
Houston 3 0 0 1.000

Tennessee 2 1 0 .667

Indianapolis 1 2 0 .333

Jacksonville 1 2 0 .333



Philadelphia 3 0 0 1.000

Washington 2 1 0 .667

Dallas 1 2 0 .333

NY Giants 1 2 0 .333

West                       WLTPct
Los Angeles 2 1 0 .667

Seattle 2 1 0 .667

San Francisco 1 2 0 .333

Arizona 0 3 0 .000

North                   WLTPct
Minnesota 3 0 0 1.000

Green Bay 3 0 0 1.000

Detroit 1 2 0 .333

Chicago 0 3 0 .000

South              WLTPct
Atlanta 2 1 0 .667

Tampa Bay 2 1 0 .667

Carolina 1 2 0 .333

New Orleans 0 3 0 .000

MLB Standings - 2016

American League

Toronto Blue Jays7557.568-40-2835-29648544+104L16-4
Boston Red Sox7359.553240-3033-29716597+119L14-6
Baltimore Orioles7260.545343-2329-37621612+9W15-5
New York Yankees6763.515737-2830-35557569-12L26-4
Tampa Bay Rays5675.42718.532-3724-38549569-20W15-5
Cleveland Indians7556.573-41-2334-33638548+90W25-5
Detroit Tigers7161.5384.538-2833-33614591+23W27-3
Kansas City Royals6962.527641-2128-41528543-15W28-2
Chicago White Sox6368.4811235-2928-39533569-36L26-4
Minnesota Twins4983.37126.525-4024-43599724-125L120-10
Texas Rangers7954.594-44-2135-33621612+9W46-4
Houston Astros7062.5308.538-2932-33602552+50W28-2
Seattle Mariners6864.51510.536-2832-36610578+32L42-8
Los Angeles Angels5774.4352130-3327-41585613-28W36-4
Oakland Athletics5775.43221.530-3627-39521617-96L24-6

National League

Washington Nationals7755.583-38-2639-29638498+140W24-6
New York Mets6864.515935-3133-33518512+6W28-2
Miami Marlins6765.5081033-3234-33546539+7L44-6
Philadelphia Phillies6072.4551730-3530-37491634-143L23-7
Atlanta Braves4983.3712820-4429-39492652-160W15-5
Chicago Cubs8447.641-47-1937-28666445+221W27-3
St. Louis Cardinals7061.5341430-3740-24649568+81W25-5
Pittsburgh Pirates6763.51516.534-3033-33588579+9L25-5
Milwaukee Brewers5676.42428.536-3520-41539625-86L64-6
Cincinnati Reds5575.42328.532-3323-42585703-118L24-6
Los Angeles Dodgers7358.557-42-2631-32586524+62L16-4
San Francisco Giants7159.5461.537-2934-30586524+62W15-5
Colorado Rockies6368.4811033-3130-37694675+19W35-5
San Diego Padres5576.4201830-3425-42564633-69L14-6
Arizona Diamondbacks5576.4201825-4330-33600735-135W15-5

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